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Profile of Datasim
Datasim Education has been involved since 1989 in software-related training using the most modern tools and techniques. It was the first institute in the Netherlands that organized a C++ course for developers.

As independent institute, we develop our own course material based on the software and didactical expertise of our experienced trainers who actually work in the organization. Datasim is the only institute that offers an integrated set of courses for modern object-oriented, component-based and patterns-oriented technologies that we have also applied (as developers) to application areas such as computer graphics, process control, order processing, scientific and mathematical/software models for financial engineering. It is this unique combination that makes our courses relevant and interesting to developers.

We strive to ensure that course contents do not overlap with each other, thus ensuring that you do not waste time or money on topics that you already know.

Datasim offers the full range of courses for software architects, designers and developers who work in real-life projects using modern software methods, tools and compilers. Our courses are tailored to suit your needs and they have been developed during the last years based on what developers need and want. We regularly upgrade our courses as new software technologies emerge and as market direction changes.

In order to provide service to our customers we offer a range of courses and in various forms, from open courses to in-house (in-company) courses and more recently our popular Distance Learning Courses that allow developers to use the full power of Internet by using video, audio and text. In this way you can develop your software skills in your own time and at your own speed.
The courses have been directed by Dr. Daniel J. Duffy, who has been working in industry since 1979 and is a nationally and internationally known author (7 books on IT and its applications), speaker and software designer.

In short, Datasim offers the best quality courses for developers at a competitive price. If you wish to know more about our courses and services, for example new customer offerings or you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at info@datasim.nl or direct by telephone: +31-20-6240055, or fax: +31-20-4200075.

Mission Statements:
  • Customer service and satisfaction:
    The wishes and needs of developers are the most important reasons for the Datasim courses
  • Quality and experience:
    We strive to achieve the highest standards possible by ensuring that our material is up to date and that the Datasim trainers are fully aware of new developments
  • Innovation:
    Datasim offers a wide range of courses for novice and senior developers. We are continuously keeping abreast of new developments in software

Our Customers
Datasim has trained many software professionals throughout Europe and the USA and our customer base consists of the following groups:
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Companies in electronics
  • Large, medium and small software houses and development companies
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Software developers

Contact Address
Datasim Education BV Datasim Education BV
't Veer 1
1832 AK  Koedijk
The Netherlands
tel: +31-(0)72-2204802
email: info@datasim.nl

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