Advanced Design and System Patterns


The main goal of this course is to learn the popular system patterns (also known as POSA and Buschmann patterns) and to apply them to structuring complex software systems. These patterns are distillations of best practices in software design and development and we apply them to systems using object-oriented and component-based models. We discuss each pattern in detail and we give guidelines on how to design and implement them. Furthermore, we integrate them into Domain Architectures and the design blueprints from the COA and COD courses. We also discuss how the class-level GOF patterns can be included into the POSA framework.

This unique course discusses how to design robust and flexible software systems using modern object oriented patterns.

What do you learn?

  • The complete POSA patterns (and more)
  • Integrating GOF patterns into system patterns
  • Multi-threaded and parallel patterns
  • Robust, efficient and maintainable software designs

What previous Delegates have said about the Course

  • "Very many practical tips, good combination theory and practice"
  • "Good/very good"
  • "Useful and motivating"

The percentage theory:practice is approximately 65:35.

This course is for those software designers who have real hands-on experience of Gamma patterns and who wish to gain experience of those patterns that are needed and used for large, distributed and concurrent systems. It is not enough just to have read the Gamma book; you should have applied patterns such as Bridge, Factory, Visitor and State in applications. This is NOT a beginner's course!
Who should attend?

Software architects, senior designers and others who wish to gain insight into creating reusable software architectures for large systems.


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Advanced Design and System Patterns

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