Distance Learning - Advanced C++ - Programming Models, boost and Parallel Computation

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The goal of this hands-on distance learning course is to learn the most advanced features of object-oriented and generic programming in C++, the STL and Boost libraries and modern software design methods. We have developed this course for those professionals working in business, engineering and other areas who are involved in software development. The ten modules in the course represent state of the start developments in C++.

Subjects Covered

We discuss the following major categories:

  • Quick review of C++.
  • Generic programming and policy-based design in C++.
  • The Standard Template (STL) in great detail (including 70 major algorithms).
  • More than 50 major Boost C++ libraries.
  • Multithreading (Boost Thread and OpenMP).
  • Design and implementation of complex component software systems.

The details of each category are described below. The approach in this course is to take a step-by-step approach by motivating each topic, first in simple terms in combination with clear examples/exercises and then progressing to more advanced concepts and hands-on examples.

Course Benefits

This course is self-contained and we deliver all the slides, videos, exercises, code and books that you use to use C++ and libraries to build robust and efficient applications:

  • Unique combination of design, STL, Boost and C++ to create robust and efficient applications.
  • A unified, modern and comprehensive course for professional developers.
  • Interaction with, and feedback from your mentor.
  • Full documentation and source code.
  • Student exercises, project and certificate.
  • Lifelong access to the materials (including updates).

How does Distance Learning work?

The current distance learning formula is based on our other distance learning programs. The main steps in the process are:

  1. The student registers for the Advanced C++ distance learning course by sending us a signed registration form (which can be printed from our website) after which we will send an invoice. Once we have received the full payment in our bank account we will enable you as a user on the Advanced C++ distance learing forum.
  2. We send you 4 textbooks on C++, as well as full source code, manuscripts and exercises (per module) in the post.
  3. For each module, we have a special forum section where you can find screen capture/audios, videos, user area and ongoing developments
  4. We include a step-by-step account on how to learn each module, and how to test your knowledge after you have finished the module (including sending your finished exercises to the mentor and other feedback)
  5. Optionally, it is possible to do an examination and do a project. This is included in the price of the course.
  6. You can ask questions and send your code to the mentor at any time for review.
  7. On successful completion, you will be presented with a certificate.

The books provided with this course are:

  • The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference (2nd Edition) Nicolai M. Josuttis
  • Using OpenMP, by Barbara Chapman
  • Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries - Volume I, by Robert Demming & Daniel J. Duffy
  • Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries - Volume II, by Robert Demming & Daniel J. Duffy

Typically, the duration of the course is one year. This estimate is based on the fact that most students have a full-time job and will do the course in their free time.

Course Originator

This course was originated, developed and is supported by Daniel J. Duffy. He has a BA degree in Mathematics as well as MSc and PhD in Numerical Analysis (the numerical solution of partial differential equations). He has many years industrial and business experience and is author of several books on numerical methods, C++ and applications to engineering and computational finance.



A reasonably good knowledge of the C++ syntax. We have a review module in the course to bring those students who need to refresh their C++ knowledge. 

Who should attend?

For all developers and designers who use C++ as development language. 


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We give a student discount. The student price is Euro 1500  (no VAT if you are outside EU). The courses remain accessible forever and you can plan your own schedule but in general it should be possible to complete a course (including exercises and mini-project) in 2-4 months.  See also our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Datasim site. Please contact dduffy@datasim.nl

If you are a college student please ignore the price below and contact dduffy@datasim.nl for your student price.

Course price

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Distance Learning - Advanced C++ - Programming Models, boost and Parallel Computation

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