Advanced C# Programming in NET 5.0

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This intensive hands-on course deals with a number of advanced programming topics in C#. The main objective is to develop skills in order to create robust and flexible (multi-threaded) applications in C# with .NET 5.0. Furthermore, the course discusses how to use C#'s object-oriented, generic and functional programing models to design and implement flexible applications. We also introduce .NET application domains that allow us to design large and loosely-coupled software systems.

The topics that we discuss in this course allow us to create robust and flexible software systems. In particular, C# and .NET have the functionality that we need to create interoperable component and interface-based applications.

The percentage theory/practice is approximately 60/40.

What do you learn?

  • Break up your application in separate assemblies and share them with other applications
  • Use attributes and reflection for more dynamic applications
  • Use advanced IO and network components for efficient data exchange
  • Use multiple threads to take advantage of modern multi-core processors
  • Use generics to make more robust and efficient code and at the same time reducing your code size
  • Use existing .dlls and COM components in your C# application
  • C# design using multi-paradigm programming model
  • Implementing large systems in C#
  • A discussion of how to implement next-generation design patterns in C#



We assume that the student has attended the Datasim "C# Programming" course or has similar C# experience.

This course is also useful for developers who wish to use C# to design and implement customisable component-based software systems.


Who should attend?

C# developers and programmers who wish to take advantage of the advanced programming features in C#.


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Advanced C# Programming in NET 5.0

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