Advanced C++ and C++ 11: The new Standard (Financial)


The goal of this 4-day hands-on course is to discuss new developments in C++ 11 and how C++ 11 is a major improvement on C++ 98. We also discuss the applications of C++ 11 to multi-paradigm software design. We realise this goal by elaborating the new features in detail and providing examples of use. 

C++ 11 is a major advancement in the evolution of C++ and this course covers the features in the latest revision.

The percentage theory/practice is approximately 70% / 30%. 

Subjects Covered:

  • C++ 11 as a better C++
  • Improved syntax
  • Move semantics
  • Smart memory management
  • Modelling functions, new style
  • Functional programming and lambda functions
  • Hashing and unordered containers
  • Concurrency and multi-threading
  • Other C++ 11 libraries

What do you learn? 

We discuss the most important C++ features to help the developer create robust and flexible software, for example by means of: 


  • Applying the extensive language features in C++ 11 to your applications
  • Creating flexible multi-paradigm applications
  • Reduce reinvention of the wheel by using C++ libraries
  • Fast data structures (unordered containers)
  • Tips and guidelines for migrating to next generation design patterns and component-based design

Your Trainer Daniel J. Duffy has been involved with C++ in the role of programmer, designer and trainer since 1989. He has been involved in a wide range of applications such as computer graphics, holography, process control, numerical analysis and computational finance. Activities also entail setting up C++ and Boost C++ courses from novice to expert level. He is author of ten books on software design, C++ and applications. Daniel J. Duffy has a PhD from Dublin University (Trinity College). 


This intensive and advanced course assumes real-life experience of C++ in a production environment. This is certainly not a beginner’s course. 

Who should attend?

Experienced software developers and programmers who wish to learn the new powerful features in C++ and apply them to their work. This course is also useful for technical designers and architects. 


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Course dates

Date from Date to Location Price (excl. VAT)
Tuesday 10 September 2019 Thursday 12 September 2019 London EUR 1750.00

Advanced C++ and C++ 11: The new Standard (Financial)

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